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Using A Content Calendar

A publisher using a content calendar.
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One of the best SEO strategic approaches is to post content which is useful to your customers. This will help to improve conversions, as the website visitors will be interested in reading the content and clicking on the links. Additionally, search engines will rank your website higher if it has helpful and quality content. But you have to be consistent.

What is a Content Calendar?

Picture of a content calendar.
An content calendar (or an “editorial calendar”) is a schedule for publishing future content. Content calendars typically include future articles, updates on any changes, linked promotional activities, and updates to existing content. You can make your own system to suit your business. You can pencil in ideas for an article or have a full draft for each day.

The Challenge

Producing quality content on a regular schedule is a challenge. At best, you’re probably only putting out “okay” content. We all know that’s not good enough. You need to put out great content — and do it consistently.
It can be a real struggle to come up with ideas, and it can take a long time to actually create the content. You have to be focused and organized. A content calendar is the tool to help you do this.

Here's some of the key takeaways:

  • It helps you to be consistent in publishing new content
  • If you have more than one person producing content for your website, a calendar keeps everyone in sync.
  • It keeps you from posting a subject too much or too little.
  • It helps you to post content that is seasonal or time critical.
  • You can use it to schedule content for your social media.
  • Use it to send you reminders for publishing due dates
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