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Things to Consider When Choosing Website Creation Software

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There is definitely no shortage of website creation software these days. And their numbers are growing rapidly! But this is not another “best of” article. It’s about the things you should consider when making these choices.

After you’ve found a hosting company it’s time to pick your tools. There is software to:

  • Manage the website’s information
  • Design the pages
  • edit images & video
  • write and edit copy
  • Handle forms
  • Manage newsletters
  • Visitor analytics
  • Making backups
  • Handle Security
  • and more…

Right of Wrong

Are there wrong or right choices? Generally speaking, the answer is no. But there is a right way to you, and that is the way that you find comfortable to use. Do I have my preferences? Yes. But whatever choices you decide on, I can be your partner in the process.

If you have no experience in website development that choice might be to hire out the whole project.

Or you may have no experience but are curious about the process and want to learn it. This is probably no shocker to you but you can learn the whole process by researching the internet. Please note, I did not insert the word EASY!!!

Some people fall in between these two camps. I offer complete website development or I can be there to complete what you can’t. Just remember, I charge for time fixing beginner errors.

Where is Your Time More Valuable

If you take the plunge to handle your website yourself, be prepared to invest a lot of time. Even if you choose an all in one platform like Wix or Squarespace, there will still be time spent learning it.

All tools have a learning curve. Even with 20 years of experience, it takes me a little time to get familiar with the interface of a new tool.

So if the time you spend learning web development costs money you would have made in your business it’s time to crunch some numbers.

Spending Money

Here’s a very valuable tip which I have learned the hard way. DON’T be quick to hit the buy button on that shiny new tool! I have a pile of them that I purchased too soon and never use.

Most services and software in the website world charge by subscriptions. Keep in mind that individually they don’t seem like that much, but add 10 or 20 a month and they could make a big dent in your bottom line!

It will still happen. So to minimize this:

  • Think about the purchase for several days.
  • Thoroughly read many reviews.
  • Always take advantage of free trial periods to test it.
  • Don’t get suckered by limited time popup offers.

Final Thoughts

As a developer I’m always looking for the new tools that will make my life easier. But I’m also on the lookout for tools which will be intuitive for my clients.

Please fell free to contact me and we can set up some consultation time. And check back with my blog as I will post articles on some of the tools I find.

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