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I host client sites and my own sites with Hostinger web hosting. I have used several hosting companies over the years and Hostinger is hands down the best I have used! I have been with them for about five years now without a single issue. They offer services and options on par with any of the current top hosting companies with prices well below their competition! They are also a domain registrar, making them a one-stop business for your website.

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If you choose Winchester Website Development, I can setup your domain and hosting for you. Or, if you wish, you can handle this directly. Either way, you own your website and domain. This means that you are free to move your website to another host or to another company if you choose to do so.

Tutorials & Articles

One of the bonuses of Hostinger is the number of tutorials and articles which they put out about the business of developing, hosting, and running a website. This can be helpful for both novice and experienced webmasters, who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the industry. Hostinger has published guides on topics like picking the right web hosting provider, working with web hosting panels, and more. These can be a helpful resource for those looking to start a website. Additionally, Hostinger hosts an active forum where people can post questions and receive advice from experienced professionals who frequent the site. Through my blog, I will be highlighting some of these articles that I think will be useful to my customers.

Understanding Website Jargon

If you are new to having a website, then this article is for you. It explains some of the most used terminology in this field. These terms are used widely to describe different aspects of a website. Some of the widely used terms in website development are Web Development, Web Design, Content Management System, Static Website, Software as a Service, Dynamic Website, Responsive Website, etc.

Link to the article: Website Terminology: 160+ Web Jargons Explained (Tech, Design, Hosting, and More)

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