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Cookies and Content Security Policy

I decided to go with Cookies and Content Security Policy by Jonk Stenström at "Follow me Darling".

Here's what it looks like on my site:
What it looks like on my site

The two main reasons are 1.) Simplicity and 2.) Compliance.

What is the Cookies consent popup you see on every almost website for? It is for a law called the "General Data Protection Regulation" or GDPR for short and was passed in 2018 by the European Union to protect it's members privacy and security. One of the issues it covers is how websites handle cookies.

What are cookies?

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that websites use to remember users and make the user experience more personal. Here are some thing that cookies can do:
• To recognise a user's device so they don't have to give the same information repeatedly during one task. This helps us improve security and your experience on our sites and we hope will be adopted industry-wide;
• To help us understand how you use our services so we can keep improving them;
• To monitor aggregate patterns of behaviour so we can understand what users are interested in and in order better to serve those communities.


Besides being easy to set up the other reason I said I like Cookies and Content Security Policy is compliance. As you visit websites you'll notice that most of them just have a popup saying we use cookies and click to agree. This is not full compliance. You have to give them a choice to leave them on or turn them off. Now granted the website might not work for them if they turn them off, but that's their choice. With this plugin no cookies are given to the customer until they click accept.

Your Choice

When making a decision on what you want for your website, remember it is your website. So you can decide on a option which is is not as strict, just remember that as the owner the legal responsibility falls on you. I would recommend you do some research on the matter before making a final decision.


What is GDPR

History of GDPR

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